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Standley lake high school, The wildest school in jeffco, where the fights, drugs, queers, and stupidity is in abundance. There is nothing to compare this school to, and nothing can be done to help it. The district hired a new dean and made new rules, but that hasn’t stopped these AnGsTy tEeNs and their bathroom vape breaks from running wild. Even the teachers vape now! This school also has a large amount of similar looking, unfunny, basic girls, but shoutout to all the quirky, “i’m not like other girls” people there too.
also lmao we love u sparky, pls don’t stick scissors in the outlet again.
“look, another used pregnancy test
“someone overdosed again?”
*charges juul/drop with chrome book”
“Would you look at that forehead”
“vote YES for electrocution!”
*burns down school with popcorn”

dREsS cOdE
welcome to standley lake high school.
by tchrish November 30, 2018
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