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A standard night in fleet will go as follows: Cotching it at a mates house for a few hours listening to music and general bant. This is followed by a ganders up to fleet with a crate of beers and maybe some weed/drone. Stroll up and down the high street before gettin bare hungry and going in for a dutty pizza from herpies. THe most important part of the night is a ganders at PRC with some bare coffee and bait party rings. Cotch it up to the skate park and have a ganders on the swings while keeping lookout for the meat wagons and pig brigade. Sleep on bench or back to mates house on the floor.
" Oi breh, you up for a Standard night in Fleet tonight"

"yeh bruv, sounds safe, what time?"

"meet at mine at like 8 ish, i got bare dolla?"

"allllow it standard, can i cotch at yours after"

"yeh sorted"
by aLLow nD TingZz May 14, 2010
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