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Standard Lesbian Behavior is characterized by lesbians who fall into the trap of behaviors that we all know and love/hate.
Generally being a passive aggressive psycho with borderline stalker behavior. We've all been there.
Standard Lesbian Behavior Examples:

-Playing Rugby, Softball, Soccer, Lacrosse, Field Hockey
-Dating a teammate from above teams
-Saying I love you to your girlfriend within 30 business days
-Deleting your ex off facebook / re-adding her / deleting her again
-Owning multiple snapbacks / hats (lesbians love head gear)
-Adding random lesbians on facebook and messaging them without even meeting
-Showing up at the bar with the same outfit as multiple men
-Creepily following / crushing on someone on Instagram you.have.never.met
-Not just possesing cats, but being possesive and obsessive of cats

-Multiple uploads per week of said cat to Instagram
-Liking a rando lez's pics on all forms of social media.

-Owning Timberlands - if ur a dykey lez

there are so,many,more but I refuse to give you em all
by Molly F April 26, 2013
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