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Basically, the cycle that occurs when RMS makes a prediction that Y will happen if we allow X.
* RMS makes claim that Closed X will cause Y, therefore, the FSF will not use Closed X
* People call RMS a nazi, extremist, atheist,mooslin, commie
* Within 5 years, Y happens due to X
* People weep and wail, asking,"How could we not foresee this!!!?!?!ELEVEN~!1"
* Repeat with new version of X
Linux Noob: RMS just said we shouldn't export the AST for gcc! He's such a nazi when it comes to the GPL!!!
Graybeard: What you're seeing is the start of a Stallman Cycle. He makes a prediction, and he's usually correct.
by Zoe Washburn September 19, 2015
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