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Stalking 5 incredibly hot guys in an amazing band. These men are: Frank Iero , Gerard Way , Ray Toro , Bob Bryar , and Mikey Way .
They are often mistaken for an emo band, which they are not. My Chemical Romance is an amazing band that almost everyone has heard of, and most people have at least heard Dead!, Welcome To The Black Parade, Teenagers, or Famous Last Words (four of their most popular songs from their record that was released in 2006 called The Black Parade).
These men all are most likley fantastic in bed, and probably do great at french kissing.
Ray is sex in a bed with an afro.
Bob is bearded sex in a bed.
Mikey is intelligent sex in a bed.
Frank is just plain sex in a bed.
Gerard is have-an-orgasm-on-stage-during-a-song sex in a bed.
What are you doing?

Stalking My Chemical Romance, duh!
by vizka January 23, 2009
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