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A wannabe hoe who's afraid of being in a relationship. She spends as long as she can drawing a guy in and leading him on, making him think she's "the one," but then once the guy makes a move she goes apeshit on him, rejects him hard, and makes him feel like a fucking piece of shit loser.
Guy 1: "Hey how'd things go with that chick you've been crazy about for the last month?"
Guy 2: "She's a fucking stale gumball, dude. You see her and for some reason just need to have her; she looks so delicious and seems so sweet, but then you go to bite into her expecting a nice soft piece of gum and instead she breaks your jaw."
Guy 1: "Fuck, you spent way too long thinking about that. I hope you're over that bitch."
by Mr.nj April 16, 2017
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