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1. Creeper- Person who does not want to be seen. Not necessarily perverted in nature. Usually seen in the backgrounds of pictures in an unflattering pose or with an unusual expression on their face. Usually awkward, but innocent.
2. Lurker- One who purposefully hides themself when a "target" walks by so that they can check them out with impunity. Has not yet developed skills to detect when cameras are nearby.
3. Skulker- One who relishes an opportunity to check someone out, but does not take the time to stalk. Usually has someone specific in mind. Usually is equipped with Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak. If you detect one, proceed to the nearest exit/can of mace immediately.
4. Stalker- See highlighted definition.
5. Pervert- Brazened form of a stalker who does not care if their presence is known. Legal intervention is the safest course of action, battle axe is most effective.
These are corresponding examples of the Stages of Creeping:

1.Billy is a creeper. He is socially awkward so he avoids people. Feel bad for Billy.

2.Carlos is a lurker. He doesn't get any so he he just of waits there.... Avoid Carlos.

3.Jordan is a skulker. He is attracted to that girl over there, but is too ashamed/nervous/oblivious to talk to her. If he ever wants a chance, he should probably just not be creepy. Do not associate with Jordan or his friends.

4. Jack is a stalker. Fuck you Jack.

5. Herbert is a pervert. The world is a better place with out you, buddy.
by legitnugget January 06, 2009
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