A Stag is a dominant man who encourages his female partner to have sex with others, either in his presence, or on her own. With Stag/vixen there is little similarity to cuckholding, where the man is submissive and often subjected to taunting and humiliation from his dominant female partner while, or after, she has sex with another man.

A vixen is the submissive woman who is having extramarital sex with her dominant partner's support. She may or may not enjoy being humiliated during or after the sexual encounter.
Ben and Susan are a Stag and vixen couple. Ben often arranges to have other men come to the house so Susan can please them sexually.
by Jumpin' Jack 5280 August 21, 2019
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A couple in which the man shares his woman with other men for erotic NSA encounters, yet the husband is straight hetero alpha and not seeking bi play nor humiliation and the woman does not demean or sissify her man. As contrasted to cuckold/cuckoldress. Stag vixen is the other variant of the hotwifing lifestyle.
We're stag vixen so I'll watch you two guys spitroast my wife but I'm not going to fluff or clean you.
by SecretPlayWife July 1, 2021
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A Stag is a Stron Alpha Male(Husband) who enjoys his Vixen(Wife) having sex with ither men. The Stag will always be evolved, watching or joining in. He encourages his wife to explore her sexual side. He is not into humiliation. He derives his pleasure from his wife being his personal porn star and wild and dirty but all for her pleasure. For her to be the center of attention, carressed, kissed, rubbed, tasted and everything all focused on her and her hightened pleasure provided by and ONLY with the Stag's permission and support.
(neighbors wife thinking to herself): Scott and Susan are out on a date again. I know as a Stag Vixen he is helping her find whatever man/men! she wants forthenight... and then they will make her O harder than ever... Wish my husband would trust me this much.
by Alpha_Viking_Redneck9 November 7, 2021
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