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Best-known for a large defamation lawsuit that was brought against her, this derogatory term is used to describe any wannabe gossip columnist Stacey Newman that has fashioned a reputation for being a crybully and pushing her personal grudges while hiding behind her self-created, unpopular "publication" Milton Talk, where she pretends to head a team of non-existent contributors. While she has tried very hard to make a reputation as being "anti-bullying" and against "public shaming', she has taken part liberally in said activities and remains one of the most controversial people in her Facebook group. When not trying to self-promote herself in cringey ways, she can also be found snooping around private Facebook groups and digging up silly, inconsequential stories and labeling it "hard-hitting journalism" while publishing anonymous op-eds that she claims were never written by her.
Why are you running around trying to start shit with people? Are you Stacey Newman, or something?
by Davis Sandusky June 09, 2018
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