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a town where theres absolutly nothing to do, where half the people there think there black so they walk up to lake avenue in there baggy clothes and have there crew gather in front of matts pizza or the smoke shop to make drug deals or by cigarettes with their fake ids or to ask complete strangers to buy them.or get high in the woods behind moriches park. the other half of st.james is made up of abercrombie preps, goths with the huge ass bondage boots and fishnet sleves, or the emo/punk-like kids. SHS east is basically the same as SHS west yet west is probebly a little less mentally retarted we write a gun threat before halloween for jokes good why to get out of school though. people get warnings and fines because 9 out of every 10 the students there are nicotine addicts, and the usual potheads huddleing together outside smithtown easts's gates passing a bowl around (like thats not obvious enough). since everyone in this town is so "rebelious" they sneek out of ther houses every weekend and meet up with poeple once again behind matts pizza where they all get baked, go home and sleep intil 5 the next day.
emotearsx:yo meet me up town nigg.
gothicmess9:cant im going to the mall with my goth squad
nummba1WANGsta:yo anyone need to pick up?
emotearsx:yeah meet me behind matts pizza
nummba1WANGsta:nahh behing the st.james cafe me and my niggs got causght by the popo last time
emotearsx:yah come to warped tour with me on monday
darkemogangsta:i cant im gorunded for sneeking out to go smoke
mhmyourgay:wow you guys are fags
by Miikkii January 07, 2006
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A preppy, rich boy town where you either skateboard, bmx; smoke mad weed Or be a jock and sit home all day playing video games. Everyone says 'Weah' Or 'herb'. Half of the teen population act like they live in the ghetto and try to be a homie. Kids here wear really fresh jordans with abercrombie t-shirts. You are either rich and mommy and daddy give you $200 to go to get food 'uptown'. Nobody ever make it big if you were raised in st james. Nobody sticks up for themselves and everyone person picks on kids 5 years younger than them. The population consists on 95% caucasain 2% hispanic and 3% also make bomb threats to get out of school and sit home all day Or go into town to smoke pot outside of the smoke shop. Every car that you see on lake avenue is well above $60,000.
Friend 1: yo man wanna go uptown and hit the bong?
Friend 2: Nah man I have to go home and study My dad is giving me $400 to study.
Friend 3:want to go to the mall? I need more abercrombie and chill with the goths
Friend 4: I love st james! There never crime!
by hartsock July 01, 2011
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