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St. Thomas More is a private catholic school in which shit goes down. STM is full of guys who play COD as their friends make out with slutty girls who circuitously date the same guys. When the guy or girl gets tired of dating their counterpart, they break up abruptly with temporary mutual hatred toward one another. The cycle continues as the girls become sluttier and the guys increasingly desperate. Throughout the mayhem of private education, the students of STM always remain true to their catholic-christian values!

Guy Student #1: WOW! making out with Emily last night on my bro's couch was awesome!

Bro: Dude I thought was dating her! Oh well, I got a tactical nuke while you guys were goin' at it.

Guy Student #2: Hey I got dibs for next week when you guys break up.

Emily: I don't really care who it is. Get me a man!

Public School Student: Man, St. Thomas More is the shit!
by STM-USC August 27, 2011
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this is the worst school in the history of the world even the poorest parts of the world make this school look like the down side of the earth they always mess there students around and if students do not do there detentions or homework the schools head takes them into a small room rapes and then badly beats the pupil till they beg for there life
' dude have you heard of that school st Thomas more?

that place scares the shit out of me '
by smellyboyjoe January 20, 2013
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