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A NYC street. Known for 1 dollar pizza slices, zippo lighters, paraphernalia shops, tattoos, piercings, fake ID's... basically where private school kids can get almost anything illegal or cheap accessories or both.
yo man, let's go down to st. mark's place... i need a new bowl cause we had to smash mine in the gutter on saturday. plus i want a fedora and some knockoff ray ban's.
by Ronaldo McDonaldstein November 19, 2009
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A good place to buy weed materials and a good place to go to hang out and check out the little stores. It's also convenient place for "under age" shoppers becuase the police don't show very often. Also a GREAT place to find cheap Asain hookers. It used to be more of an underground place to go to buy illegal stuff but now it's more of a tourist attraction.
Yo lets roll through St. Mark's Place I need to cop some rolling papers.
by The Janator October 17, 2010
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