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A private high school with great academics and athletics. If you live anywhere in AVA you probably should try to go to sssas. Not Episcopal( fucking 60,000 a year to just have someone else raise your kid to be surrounded by douche bags.. Not to mention 0 parties and nice cars EHS. Pretty much the laughing stock of AVA), not Ireton( a "private school" ur better off going to T.C. BI sucks at literally everything.), not T.C.(Broke boy's attend, plus serg...), not Gonzaga(your dick will actually shrink and ur such a faggot), and def not Landon( fucking gross). SSSAS guys and girls are usually very attractive, athletic, wealthy, and smart. There is a reason every other fucking school shows up to our parties. So if u want to pull poon come to SSSAS( if u can get in we dont take a dumbass)
He goes to St. Stephens & St. Agnes School, definitely has a huge cock.
by AVA facts May 24, 2018
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