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A fan/fandom name for South Korean boy band VIXX.
Members include Leo, Ken, Ravi, Hongbin, N, Hyuk.
Formed by Jellyfish entertainment.

Notable tracks/singles/songs include Error, Hyde, Eternity and Voodoo doll.

Also notable for being pretty during a performance of So Hot by Wonder Girls, while dressing up as them.
A complete shift from their original dark concepts.

Kings of dark concepts among South korean boy bands.

They love their fans also known as St☆rlights.

Breaking down and crying at their first music show win while mentioning their fan/St☆rlights.

Comic group of random misfits when not dominating the stage with their strong concepts and powerful performance.
K: what do we call our fans?! Otokaji?
N: *writes song titled Starlight*
N: why St☆rlights of course! With a ☆ so it's cooler.
by Airleaskpop March 30, 2015
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