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Squirt Factories tend to be confined to bachelor pads. Two or more men get together with the sole intention of assisting women in squirting. It is in these rooms that women's carnal desires are realised. Via theoretical, empirical and physical research, Squirt Factories have become the worlds number one destination for women wishing to experience a 'Squirting' orgasm. Both the Urethal and Perenial sponges are massaged, vigorously, to create that previously mythical phenomenon!
Chris: Hey Luke, how's the squirt factory rota this month?

Luke: Pretty good, so far I've collected around 3 litres.

Chris: Not bad brother, I'm on 5, so you'd better get those fingers working!

Luke: You're the best man!

Chris: I know!
by BruffandConlon June 13, 2013
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