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When a man takes his enormous cock and swings it as hard as he can against the face of a helpless woman. Resulting in an unconscious, tooth missing, face bleeding, cum covered and demoralized woman. the term dated back to the early settlement days where pilgrims use to conduct this act on Native American woman in longhouses and wigwams. The first male to successfully conduct a "SQUID SLAM" was John smith. Walt Disney was trying to document this act in the movie Pocahontas but the scene was removed to to funding. It was later seen in a three second apperence in the movie SpaceJam and was performed my Micheal Jordan. He then retires a few years shortly after the release of the film.
Dude! Last night I asked my girl if she wanted to spice things up and she said of hell yeah you son of a bitch! I squid slammed her as hard as I could! I then spent the next 9 hours in the ER. Good. The only good thing about it was when I was explaining the story to the nurse she was diggin the Squid Slam and asked if I could show her..... so I did while the old lady was still passed out.
by DE SOTO April 27, 2017
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