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Squatzkrieg :- The slow takeover of a country by warlike methods and covert actions and also by sending in Squatters to occupy a neighboring country. A long drawn out war by the methods of Squatzkrieg as opposed to a Blitzkrieg or lightning war.
Under Police and military action and protection County "A" sends civilian squatters to occupy the land, infrastructure, towns, and villages of country "B". Country "A" also erects camps and towns of its own on county "B's" territory. This is not a Blitzkrieg but a Squatzkrieg. In Blitzkrieg occupation the war is over in days. On the other hand in Squatzkrieg occupation many years may elapse until the occupied territory and its people are completely, either subjugated, Bulcanized or Ghettoized by superior numbers and fire power. Country "A" may use various quasi-moral and religeous justifications for Squatting. They may also use subjective territorial claims to justify a Squat.
by Bob Rushton March 15, 2007
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