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The act of dragging your friends around outside in hopes you will find a nice used cigarette on the ground. It usually marks the point of extreme addiction. It's common among poor desperate teenagers. Some people may be so addicted they'll advance their square hunting to going on peoples porches and taking cigarettes out of ash trays.
Example 1:Addict: " Ayee dawg u wanna go hunt?"

Friend: " Hunt for some whores :D ?"

Addict: " Nahh some squares!"

Example 2 : Girl: " What are you doing what did you pick up off the ground??"
Guy: " Oh I saw a shiny penny"
Girl: " Have you been Square Hunting again??"
Guy: " maybe.."
by Det747 May 03, 2012
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A rigorouros and depesarte act of scavenging used cigarettes off the floor of the streets. It is mainly done by desperate minors with no connections to buy tobbaco and people from Romania. People who do this activty drag thier friends into doing this while risking the humiliation. It is a very nasty task and you will eventually get gharnarhea in the mouth.
"Andrei stop square hunting"

"Nah dog, I need my toabbaco... WOOF WOOF"
by Brendan Oniell May 03, 2012
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