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When an emergency medical technician who has worked 911 previous to getting a job with a medical transport company, he/she may have trouble letting go of the adrenaline of the emergency, and thus still does midless things on routine non-emergency transport that are indicative of the fact that they do not care for the comfort of the patient being transported.

One example is the "Squad Kick."

A stretcher has wheel locks that prevent it from moving, and to unlock these locks, one need only to place one's foot under the lock and apply upward pressure.

A Squad Kick, is performed when one repeatedly kicks at the lock until it pops, even though the vibrations from that kick are riding up the legs of the stretcher and transferring into the patient, who may have: sacral wounds, hip replacements, knee replacements, etc.
"Hey douchebag, do you mind not kicking that fucking lock, there is a living person on this stretcher. You want to Squad Kick, go to your gay rescue squad and practice with your wacker buddies, fucking loser."
by Last Shot Caller January 10, 2008
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