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A Spy Crab is a truly magnificent creature. virtually harmless, they are usually found around intense battle areas between the BLU and RED team in the game Team Fortress 2.

The Spy Crab, though harmless is often killed by poachers for free "points". The Spy Crab is an endangered species which needs to be protected at all costs. if you see a Spy Crab, then guard it at all costs.
Person 1: Spy Crab! Free Points!

Person 2: NOOOO!!!! *kills Person 1*
by Alaskan Wolf March 25, 2009
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A meme from the online FPS Team Fortress 2. When the class Spy holds his disguisekit, crouch, look upwards and walk forward, he kinda resembles the walk of a crab, and hence the name Spycrab was born. Other than being completley worthless in combat, Spycrabrushes is often a huge failure.
*crouching spy, holding disguisekit, looking upwards and walking forward like a spy crab*: I'm a crab!
by Mehplep March 16, 2009
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