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-(noun): A short white man consisting of jewish like hair (often in the form of a 'fro) and a lazy eye that doesnt seem to wanna play with the other. He can often be found in his room playing PS3 and smoking marijuana by himself (often out of his beloved bong). If he is not doin this, he is either meeting Swags for another dime, playing with himself, or applying peanut butter on himself for his dog Stanley to lick off. This particular creature is rare and often uses its maiting call (mehhhh) to attempt to attract a mate, although this tactic is never succesful. If you happen to come across this magnific specimen, you should attempt to capture it and bring it to your local zoo so the rest of the world can observe this oddly fascinating organism. But be prepared because the Spross is very fast and elusive.
"Yo where's Spross?" "He just bought Call of Duty, we won't be seeing him for the next year."

Spross: "Mehhh, that jawsky is phat!"
by The Spross Hunter December 23, 2011
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