Usage similar to: Cool, Geil, Super, Hammer. Basically usable as a positive supporting expression. The word "Spottet" can also stand alone.

The first use of "Spottet" was probably by an Dresden Hippster living in Exil by the end of the 2K10s.

The word "Spottet" is probably derived from the English "spot", i.e. a point. Something has been brought to the point. It is written similar to the english "spotted". While "spotted" has a negative tendency, "Spottet" is about the many details brought to the point, it is about perfection.
Other sources also associate "Spottet" with spotted, such as "discovering", or rather with a desire for adventure.
The activity today was Spottet.

A:"How do you think about what i just said?"
by Olinger May 9, 2018