a low level beastie that lurks in the plains of the Badlands. They look very similar to what many expect a leopord, or even a buzzard (see flying cows). But make no mistake. They are cows. And they will follow you.
GuildWuntvor: These spotted cows look a lot like leopards.
GuildWuntvor: And these flying cows, they look alot like buzzards..
GuildAtilathehun: lol
GuildWuntvor: cows follow me ....
by Aeirion, the Draenei pally February 28, 2009
The act of having multiple black and white men splooge on you as to make a spotted effect
Bill, Steve, Jack, Micheal, Jamal, Andre, Antwan, and Kanye did that aweful spotted cow to Lesly yesterday
by Pedr December 2, 2007
Rural English slang: female virginity. Encountered mostly in suggestive songs.
I asked "My dear, why do you cry?"
"I've lost me spotted cow!" said she.
"Then let us search within your lawn!
And we shall see what we shall see"
by Weaselsmasher April 29, 2006