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A sarcastic form of the word "sports" in an ironic, yet, endearing way, mocking the genuine and sincere regard of Sports in general, as a concept.

With out blatantly "hating on" or "H8ting" "sports" -which would seem bitter or "angsty" coming from a repressed perspective. Using the word "Sportz" is a way for those who grew up not doing sports, nerds, geeks, art-kids, theater kids, dorks, and all other non-athletic persons to finally appreciate "sportz" in an indirect ironic way.
In the tradition of putting the letter "z" instead of "s" on the end of a word, which then makes it in the sarcastic form of the word ex. "guyz" or "gurlz" -- A misspelling in a pseudo-urban speak or spelling puts an ironic flair to the meaning.

"the humans are doing sportz today"

" the game is on" #sportz - if used on twitter

As in the portrayal of the use of the word "Sportz" in the Youtube video "We Like Sportz" by The Lonely Island produced by Andy Samberg
by Ben Phen February 07, 2010
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