Person who was born with, or was handed a silver spoon. A spoonist uses their given silver spoon where necessary for 'survival', however more regularly portrays themselves as a commoner to become more likable and socially acceptable. They do not realize that most people see through the spoonist motive.
Mitt Romney and most political leaders in or out of office are spoonists. Also professional athletes who honed their spoon at the private golf, tennis or polo club. On a day when a spoonist has financial success, along with that success comes a great story of hardship and what a long road it has been. The spoonist expects all to believe they grew up on a dirt road, in a shack with dirt floors with little food and shared the orts with many siblings and adopted neighbors. Any elitist who constantly and unsuccessfully attempts to relate to those with lesser means, touting their tough roots.
by woody ithaca May 15, 2012
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