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The act of kicking a soccer ball a minimum of yards above the goal, the most embarassing being inside the 18 yard box is spooning.

An actual spoona is not the act but a title giving by the jews to people who kick the ball rediculus heights above the goal many times.

Many people confuse missing a goal and spooning as the same, but just as a "square can be a rectangle, but a rectangle cant be a square" in geometric terms.. a Miss can be a spoon, but just because its a miss, its not a spoon.
Sysnoyms: Frank Lampard(Chelsea FC Superstar) , Ben Green (Saginaw Valley FC hopeful), Chris Davis (Div III), and Darin Taimanglo (Hip-Hop).

" and darin brings the ball down the wing, man on man with chuck..he fients and goes right....chuck persuses...oh the nutmeg!...He beats the last on one with the the 18...SHOT!!!..........Oh the the fans in the top rafters have a new keepsake.. Damn John, i think he sent that one to jesus. And the crowds scream thier dispair............"SPOONA! SPOONA! THATS WHY YOUR DIVISION 4!" "THATS A FRANK LAMPARD" "THE REFREES A WANKER!"

by Darin Taimanglo August 31, 2008
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