Taking a spooky dookie is when one enters a bathroom or restroom with the lights off. You can have no sources of light (ie: Phones, tablets, candles, ect) everything must be pitch black. Then you must procede to take a shit as you normally would, wipe, wash your hands(optional but suggested) and leave. All with the lights off.
Hey man, im gonna go take a spooky dookie ill be right back.
by Coolboii September 06, 2017
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A Spooky Dookie, is when you take a shit typically in a public place during the Halloween season, and instead of real corn in the feces, you put candy corn in its place, making your crap, a Spooky Dookie
Dude, last night on Halloween i thought i bit into a candy corn snickers, but when i took a bite, IT WAS A SPOOKY DOOKIE
by Pope Hank October 30, 2018
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When a guy is fucking a black chick in the ass doggy style in the dark and she turns around and she smiles at you, scaring the shit out of you. You were spooked while you had your dick in her dookie.
Laquisha gave me the ole Spooky Dookie the other night but her asshole was nice and tight.
by Rizzle79 September 11, 2006
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When your taking a poop and the lights turn off.
When the light cut off I was taking a poop and in that moment I realized I realized I was a victim of a spooky dookie.
by I don’t remember July 27, 2019
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