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A meme used to express one's feeling in an awkward situation. It features the primitive SpongeBob character, which many people incorrectly call Spongegar.

It was a short lived meme that largely existed on Facebook, and mainly died off in a few weeks after it became viral.
Use the Spongegar meme for awkward situations

I feel sorry for all the poor bastards that got a Spongegar tattoo just because it was popular for a few weeks
by Sentinel Stark June 27, 2016
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Spongegar is a meme spongebob of caveman!
Theres Posts of Spongegar and there is Lot of posts!
Just, keep it!
Nuck: Shut up, im watching tv!
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by MyCatMonsters June 21, 2016
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One of the most dank memes out there. He's used for awkward situations such as when you get caught passing notes in class or when a school shooter finds you hiding in the bathroom.
I was like Spongegar when my mom purposely walked in on me when I was taking a shower.
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by Bloodthirsty Vampire December 15, 2017
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