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A person, generally female, who leeches money, drugs, food, car rides or anything else they can get from other people. They expect others to drop everything they're doing and give up their social lives and money to cater to their whims. They don’t give or do anything for anyone else and bitch and complain all the time. They suck the life and resources out of others like a sponge and act like a cunt while doing so.
Person 1: Man, Erik is never around anymore. He’s always with Cortney, but all she does is make him drive her around and buy her weed. Then she bitches at him all the time and doesn’t even pitch in for gas.

Person 2:Yeah, she’s a real sponge cunt.
by Joltzi December 18, 2010
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A person so unpleasant their mere presence causes nausea.
That guy is a total spongecunt
by Zoton February 12, 2004
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