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"Spondo" is a term used to describe the action of slapping an item or object violently out of the hands of an innocent bystander causing that object to fall to the ground/floor. This can take place when the person is just walking innocently beside you, or when they go to hand you something. The objects can be anything including, but not limited to, food, notebooks, pencils, etc. After you have successfully slapped the object out of their hands, you yell "SPONDO" as loud as you can.


1. You can only slap the object in a downward motion.

2. The object or thing has to be in their hand. For instance, you cannot Spondo baseball caps.

3. "YOU" cannot hand someone something, and then immediately proceed to Spondo it. Do not force it. Spondos are generally obvious and abundant.

4. You must yell "Spondo," or it doesn't count.
When Jimmy went to hand me a Dr. Pepper, I slapped it out of his hand and yelled "SPONDO" so the whole cafeteria could hear! I think I ruined his shoes though.

When me and Elaine passed each other in the hall at school, I slapped her notebook out of her hand and yelled "SPONDO." She spent the entire 3rd period picking up all of her papers.

When Robert wasn't paying attention, I slapped his gerbil out of his hands and yelled "SPONDO." Everyone laughed even though the gerbil died.
by ILostMyDrumSet August 15, 2008
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