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Spodergirl is a Dolan Youtuber originally created by the popular Dolan Youtuber: Spodermen, where she was named Spodergurl. The new Dolan Youtuber took a hold of this character and made it into their own channel, being called Spodergirl. A before gaming Youtuber calling themselves Spodergirl but not making Spodergirl themed skits, but simply gaming videos with a Spodergirl name.

The before mentioned Spodergirl has gained several subscribers and at the time of writing this nearly has 200 subscribers, Spodergirl makes small, funny videos in shit quality as did Spodermen, but with a feminine twist such as; Spodergirl Becomes A Feminist, Spodergirl Joins Buzzfeed and other girly videos.
(Spodermen) Helo am Spodermen, n 2dai am gun-
(Spodergirl) Spodermen, Spodermen!
(Spodermen) Wut teh fuk du u wnt Spodergirl?
(Spodergirl) I tink am pregnant.
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by Swegginutz69420xdlol April 06, 2017
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