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A Spock tantrum is a shouty, sweary, emotional response to someone who just ISN’T BEING LOGICAL!

We all know that the socially acceptable response to someone with batshit crazy beliefs is to smile and nod politely and remember that everyone is entitled to their opinion. However, sometimes this is easier said than done. Named after Mister Spock, everyone’s favourite logic-loving half-Vulcan, a Spock tantrum can be provoked by anything from religious fundamentalism to bad science in toothpaste adverts.

While it is highly inappropriate to have a Spock tantrum at a sweet old lady who believes her cat, Mr. Fuzzybuttons, can communicate with the dead, sometimes a Spock tantrum is perfectly justified. If someone (particularly someone in a position of power) is using crappy logic to manipulate people, discriminate against people, endanger people in some way or sell everyone useless junk, just go ahead and let rip.
Crazy fundamentalist preacher: “Those who refuse to believe in the one true God will be punished by an eternity of torment in hell. So start worshipping him, stop having sex and start shunning the gays!”

Polite response: “Errr, no thank you. Obviously you’re entitled to your opinion though. Have a nice day.”

Spock tantrum response: “Are you fucking kidding? Threatening atheists with hell is like telling you to stop believing in God or fairies will kidnap you. Also, if I were to start believing in a god, why should it be your one? There are plenty to choose from – is everyone who chooses differently also going to hell? And why would any god worth worshipping punish people for eternity just for not believing in him? And why should I hate the gays – they’re fucking fabulous. Have a nice day.”
by crosseyedgirl November 10, 2013
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