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It’s a behaviour commonly seen manifesting in medium to low ranking social acquaintances, the subject displays an almost instant but thankfully temporary improvement in social skills.

They idolise their adversaries and practice the art of mockery, they often size up males once thought to be untouchable or someone to respect and engage in verbal battle. Some times higher ranking members of the social elite begin to accept this change and reward the individual for their self proclaimed promotion.

Thankfully this spell of success is always short lived and the acquaintance is normally physically inept to prevent the decent back to their natural order.
Generic High Ranker: Anyone heard from Splenum today?

Generic Low Level Acquaintance: I’m here I’m just sick of your shit!

Generic High Ranker: Ooooooooh! Get back where you belong we'll have none of that "Splenitude Complex" in this collective thank you!

Etc etc!
by NMFTW September 01, 2010
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