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noun.- a pleasure-provoking procedure endured often enough by women around the world when a prescence of sexual activity is lacking. Studies show a great percentage of women experience this refreshing situation randomly for the first time. After reckoning the advantages of such situation various techniques have been developed to enhance the stimulus package provided by a simple shower head. For best results the female must place herself completly in front of the main flow, afterwards bending knees to a 45ΒΊ angle resulting in a perpendicular splash to the clitoris and provoking sensations which could easily lead to an orgasm. Some international conspiracy theorists attribute the invention of the spare shower hose to the infamous splash-o-rama, which is considered one of the best kept secrets amongst the female population throughout the world. Statistics show millions of marriages have been saved thanks to this simple proceadure. Finally, and most importantly for every lady out there, remember to relax and enjoy the moment.
I canΒ΄t wait to try my new shower head, if my husband won't touch me i might just have to splash-o-rama myself.
by felchaib February 02, 2011
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