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Spite shipping is the supporting of a ship to divert a character from interfering with your OTP (one true pairing).

For example, fans of the IchiHime pairing in Bleach often support the RenRuki pairing for that reason alone. If Rukia dates Renji she can't date Ichigo. Hence Rukia can't pose a threat to the IchiHime ship (Ichigo X Orihime).

This kind of shipping is totally nonsensical, since it often ignores what actually happens in a story. And an author is really not going to change his/her mind just because of some delusional fangirls.
IchiHime fan: I really want Rukia and Renji together!

Normal fan: But the guy kidnapped Rukia, and she hasn't even shown any sign afterwards of being romantically interested in the him at all.

IchiHime fan: As a shinigami Rukia should only date dead people. And Ichigo should only date people who are alive!

Normal fan: Aren't you forgetting that Ichigo is a shinigami and that his soul chain has been severed by Urahara? And aren't you forgetting that his father is a shinigami as well?

IchiHim fan: Stop being so mean.

Normal fan: Huh? I'm just asking some genuine questions. But if you can't give me a valid reason based on the manga why RenRuki is going to be a canon pairing, I have to assume you're spite shipping.
by Superwanker 2000 July 11, 2013
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