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Connecting the energy of the mind, body and soul in a relationship via text. The act of developing a meaningful dating relationship through deep spiritual context via text messaging. Not once talking to each other, but simply and periodically exchanging strong physical and chemical emotions via text through discussions based on/around Spiritual Growth that simultaneously helps each other achieve the Ultimate Spiritual Orgasmic Climax via Text.
Dude Smith: "Dude, I met this girl on Tinder and we chatted for hours! Then she gave me her number and the next night we connected so strong via text especially spiritually when she told me her beliefs in the Law of Attraction and knowing that what we think about we bring about! We couldn't stop Spiritexting, both of us became so Hot n Horny we had to meet up that night!! It was on! We both had the best Spiritual Orgasmic Night Ever Dude!!!" Duane Smith: "Word??"
by Ohsider June 21, 2015
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