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Verb. A mid- air maneuver. To strike a person or an object with your erect penis whilst spinning in mid-air. Note: you must rotate a full 360% for it to be a full Spinning Cock-slap, otherwise it doesn't count. Think a Roundhouse kick, only with your penis. If you get hit with a
Spinning Cock-slap", you lose 20 "cool" points.
Not to be confused with the "Jumping Cock-Smash"
Mike used the "Spinning cock-slap" to knock the drink out of Tina's hand and spilled it all over her new blouse.

After Mike had sex with you Mother, he performed the "Spinning Cock-slap", and forcefully thumped her nose with his penis, she was most displeased.
by Rauchy Rauch March 31, 2008
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