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One of the biggest nerds in the "YWC" (YouTube Wrestling Community). Had the nerve to e-beg for money from his gay ass fanboys to fix his car. He looks and sounds like an overgrown Steve Urkel, and even was caught on Skype talking about how much he hates blacks and Jews when he's black himself. He even stated that he wished he had enough money so he can bleach his skin white, because he felt white on the inside.
Joe: Hey Mike, going to watch the Spinnernet1 video with me?
Mike: No, I don't like e-beggars, I don't like bums, I don't like dorks, and I don't like self-loatheing racists.
Joe: He's the best ever, I gave him 100 dollars for his car
Mike: You sucker
(Mike punches Joe in the face for being a mentally challenged fanboy)
by My Name Is Hugh...Mungus March 17, 2012
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