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Spineless Bastard: The worst kind of person, pretends to be your friend but, he'll never initiate ANYTHING not even a conversation. If you don't talk this person won't talk. If you don't ask him to hang out, he won't hang out and if you want to confront such a person don't bother trying because this person won't take you seriously ever. This type of person is not to be taken seriously, the only way you can take such a bad person is as a joke because if you take them seriously they will manipulate you. Theses people have no life and they accept the fact, and so they try to bring everyone down with them. It's possible for a spineless bastard to get better, but the only way that's possible is to leave them and never hang out with them and if they try to hang out with you then they may be better. But then again they could just be doing that so they can manipulate you into doing what they want or they may want to bring you down like the selfish assholes they are. Always be careful because these kinds of people act like they're normal but they are just trying to manipulate you or bring you down.
A Spineless Bastard would do this to a teenager
Teenager: I keep trying to tell my friend to stop being so down all the time but, all he does is get extremely angry at me...
Dad: Well son this is what I like to call a spineless bastard
by J Man123 December 14, 2014
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