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A woman(or wife) who habitually lies in order to keep the real man in their life to pay their bills(or hand out money) and provide a feeling of safety/stability, while they continue to maintain a relationship with another guy who's a weak spineless emo puppy dog. The reasoning behind this is the real man is steadfast, strong and gives respect when given, while the other lame emo loser is easily controlled, a professor of love serenades and would literally eat a mile of the "spineless cunt"s shit to lick her asshole. The Spineless Cunt is the lowest form of life, for she can never make a real decision, maintain a solid foundation of integrity or generate enough good karma to walk about everyday life with true inner fullfillment and grace. Even worse, the emo men she chooses are unattractive with greasy acne, excessive body hair, snaggly crooked teeth and droopy down syndrome eyes. The fact that people like this can continue to walk the earth stealing oxygen from good honest people is appalling, and should be a crime.
Kayla(Spineless Cunt) goes with Sam on dates to nice restaurants, and other fun and pricey venues of entertainment, all the while she guards her phone texting or sexting Thomas, who continuously tells her how amazing she is, and that he wants to make a shrine consisting of her toe nail clippings. VOMIT
by hatingallwomencuzof1 March 30, 2011
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