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The symbol of the 'spiderweb tattoo' means the wearer has, or is currently "doing time." It is most commonly seen on the elbow, neck, or knee. However, one might find this symbol almost anywhere on the body, the placement of the tattoo itself makes no difference. Usually this symbol means that the wearer has done time in jail, or prison. This specific symbol is used to show time locked up, because the spiderweb itself symbolizes how a spider web catches, or imprisons it's prey. This tattoo can be found on all ethnicities, and all different gang affiliates. These days inmates will wear this tattoo to look the part of the "tough guy."

This tattoo can also mean "struggle." If one has been through a certian struggle in their life such as; overcoming a drug addiction, getting out of a gang, getting out of prison/jail, or even something like losing a loved one.
Spiderweb Tattoos
Gang Banger
Gang Banged
Tattooed Tears
Tattoo Worthy
by Betherz0214 July 02, 2011
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