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Spider Joke aka Spider Loc of G-Unit. Spider was given this name by The Game in one of his G-Unit disses 240 Bars
aka Spider Joke. Spider Loc also converterd from a Blood to a 'G-Unit Crip' and has yet to come out with a cd.He is also the reason we press mute when we play Madden.Spiders brother 'Marvel Williams' is also known as a Snitch, along with the other snitch 50 Cent.
spider joke-
hear the break down
spider loc is a joke
nigga sound like chunk off the goonies
ya life is a movie
you aint a factor you a actor fifty gave you a script
went from runnin with the bloods to a g-unit crip
whats a g-unit crip? not a gang in LA
bang on records but nigga won't bang in LA
why the fuck you wake me up ... nigga im tired
you a busta.. so ima light yo ass on Fire
nigga want my spot so he runnin with buck
keep tryna play The Game, and u 'gon get fucked
i heard diss after diss, lil nigga you suck
like yo baby mama, in the third row of my truck
naw-vail ill whoop your ass in your own hood
you so hard why didnt u put out that song about Suge
trapped in the closet, R. Kelly ass nigga
get swiss cheesed up, ol' deli ass nigga
t.boz in belly ass nigga
better ask around, i been the truth since Makaveli passed nigga
and i aint wanna have to do this shit
id rather be at home listeing to the Cam'ron diss
Dr. Dre said it best 'a bitch is a bitch'
you a myspace gangsta nigga suck my dick
by whrrthecashat May 26, 2006
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