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When press secretary Sean Spicer lies or spins to cover up for something stupid Donald Trump did or said.
The White House was serving up a lot of spicy dumplings today to try and cover for Trump.
by Bowling Greenfuckup February 12, 2017
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A fetish/back-alley abortion method developed in Asia which involves the active participation of both a pregnant woman and a willing helper. A Bacardi 151 (or similar grain alcohol) douche/enema combo is administered to the pregnant woman. The woman then straddles her helper's chest and squats down in typical Cleveland Steamer fashion. The helper readies an ignition source (ie: ligher, matches, flame-thrower.) and waits in anticipation. Simultaneously, she expells the liquor out of both orifices with as much force as possible. The helper then ignites the ejected fluid mid-stream, causing a blindingly intense flash of light and heat. If performed correctly, the resulting combustion should leave a smoldering pile of blackened fecal/fetal/corn 'gunk' on and around the chest and neck of the helper. The gunk is then collected and sold on the black market to high-end Chinese restaurants to be used as a "house" sauce.
Never order the spicy dumplings from a Chinese restaurant located in the immediate vicinity of a whore-house or abortion clinic.
by DaBrownGuy December 07, 2008
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When someones eats hot peppers all day and then takes a dump on another persons extended tongue, getting spciy hot shit all over the reciever's mouth.
After eating at the mexican resteraunt, Enrique came home and gave me a wicked hot spicy dumpling.
by scottwawa November 09, 2006
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