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Dude I had a big mac from the SpicDonald's yesterday! It tasted like salsa!
by lockenload23 August 20, 2016
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A mcdonalds location (possibly near you) where the employees are mainly hispanic and are unable to understand you or correctly prepare your order. There is much repeating from your end, as well as tons of broken english from the other end. You'd think after 5 minutes of back and forth they'd know what sexual positions are your favorite... but NO! You're also lucky to drive away without a spicy jalopeno pube embedded in your sausage patty.
"Man that bitch down at the Spicdonalds gave me a fucking breakfast burrito even though I ordered a breakfast egg and cheese buscuit. That place is such a fucking Spicdonalds."
by HG Unlite March 17, 2008
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