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1) A delicate and imprecise act in which the partner about to engage in anal drilling for rectal exploration (in order to look for alternative energy sources; get your mind out of the gutter, people) gently massages his or her arsehole to stimulate, making small circular motions. Lubrication is strongly recommended, especially if you plan to dive in there later on using something else
2) A pain relieving cream for the anus once used in Southeast Asia; was taken off shelves for good in 1997 following a class-action lawsuit stemming from complaints that the directions didn't clearly state the cream should be taken OUT of the can when applied.
3) A grunge band from Seattle. Just not one of the good ones, like Pearl Jam or Alice in Chains. And no, they're not around anymore.
Steve: So, you tried anal with Maggy?
Joe: Yeah man, but don't worry; I was all about setting the mood with a good, spiritual sphincter rub. That, and playing the very best of Hall and Oates in the background.
by Snipediddy August 22, 2005
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