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A sphinctard is the all too common combination of Asshole and Retard. A typical sphinctard will fuck things up, lose or misplace his things, make a lot of mistakes and then actively, even agressively, blame others for all of it. A sphinctard will NEVER accept blame for anything, no matter how obvious it is to others that the sphinctards problems are of his own making. Sphinctards always have a feeling of entitlement, usually the product of rich parents that totally spoiled them when they were growing up. Sphinctards are ALWAYS cheap. Sphinctards usually have few friends, but sometimes have suprisingly good looking looking girlfriends. The girlfriends ALWAYS have a very low self-esteem because they are the only people that will put up with a sphinctard for very long. Sphinctard's girlfiends usually split the tab or pick up the whole thing.
1. That Sphinctard borrowed, then crashed his sisters car, then blamed her for not having better quality tires on it.

2. The Sphinctard forgot where he left his toolbelt, then blamed the first guy he saw for stealing it.

3. The Sphinctard told his girlfirend that she had to pay the restaurant check because his steak was a bit overcooked and he shouldn't have to pay for a meal he didn't enjoy.
by Construction Guy August 08, 2009
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