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Misspelling of the name 'Steph', as first used by Xtinction at in summer 2002. Commonly used to address really 1337 people.
"Speth si teh 1337"
by Steph Postma March 19, 2003
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1. (noun) Zimbabwean for Pole Smoker.
2. (Verb) Narc-ing on someone.
3. (noun or verb) A person who takes it easy on you, and then at the last minute, overloads you with ton of useless crap.

Someone totally spethed me when I made out with that chick.

My boss spethed me on Valentine's day. Now since I canceled dinner, I'll be lucky to get a hand-job.

by t2tired2nite March 01, 2009
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A comment that completely defies all social mores, seemingly disturbs the audience around them, and to put it very simply, is seen as weird as fuck.
Hey man, have you ever watched your cum dry on the floor, and then proceeded to clean it up with a Swiffer Wet Jet?

-Wait, What? No way in hell, damn kid, you crossed a very fine line between sanity and Speth

I want to have pre-marital sex with these women until my dick is so raw that it bleeds.

-I like sex, but i also like having feeling in my penis, yah Speth!

I'm really proud of my large penis, and i am super happy that many people are taking notice

-That's pretty awesome man, too bad you failed to mention that it has a 48 degree curve, Speth!
by Mattfooo August 05, 2010
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