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Sperm Castles are constructed by bored/jobless whores who suck off multiple guys a day and spit their loads into the individual compartments of an ice tray. They then freeze the sperm and create Sperm Cubes. Sperm Cubes are then used by the whore to construct miniature castles which are either gifted to friends or sold. Prices vary on design intricacy and also based on how many different types of ethnicity are represented in the castle's semen makeup. The greater the variety in semen, the more expensive the castle goes for on the market.

The Sperm Castle Foundation is in the process of of constructing a life-size sperm castle hotel, where guests can pay a premium rate per night. The hotel is said to have (9) sperm cube bars, (144) sperm cube igloos, and multiple sperm luge rides. It is the foundation's hope to break the records set by the original Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden.
"Where is that whore?"
"She's at home making sperm castles."

"Why didn't Dillon come out tonight?"
"He's helping Cassie build a sperm castle."

"Hey, where are you going with my load?"
*Spit* "I am collecting it for my sperm castle."
by Sperm Castle Inc. January 31, 2010
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