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Noun; Pronounced (Spen-sir-lee)

1. Is a want to be O.G. that thinks that he is hard but in all reality is soft.

2. Also, can be a young angry asian person trying to be white and hides his Asain traditions by acting tuff.
Oh dude stop being such a spencer lee right now your going to get us beat up once again.

Oh man did you hear how that dude was acting all spencer lee and ended up getting jumped by those vatos.
by LIL...BbBbBBb December 03, 2011
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A true freshman wrestler in the 125 class for Iowa who absolutely tore up NCAA finals after acl surgery. Entered arena to the Pokemon theme song before taking Nick Suriano, an able opponent, and (politely) wiped his face on the mat. Notable former redshirt (before January 2k18), Pokemon super fan, and all out stud. Didn't wear acl brace in finals and managed to snag a dub. An icon.
-"Yo dude did you see Spencer Lee tear up NCAAs the other night?"

-"I only watched classes 141 through Heavyweight, sorry. Did he beat Suriano?"
-"He mopped mat sweat up with him."
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