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Can Mean Many Things
1. A young child of hispanic decent who has adopted the 'Ghetto' lifestyle. See Also "SELLOUT"
2. A word combination of Spic and Negro.
3. An Afro-Hispanic. See Puerto Rican, Cuban, and Costa Rican..
4. A greeting used the same way 'Nigga' is used.
1. Jose finally started to hang out with a group of Spegros.
2. Spegro Is the Love Child of Spic' and Negro.
3. Johnny wasn't sure if Estaban was black or a spegro
4. Man, Spegro. I told you to bring me some Corona.
by INFAMOUS C January 06, 2004
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An annoying mexican who blasts shitty rap music over TeamSpeak and shouts stupid crap like, "Nuestra familia ese! A vamos locos! Eh, get me some refried beans, holmes." Nobody knows what the hell they are saying, and honestly, nobody cares.
Speidel is "gangsta" because he's a spegro. Maybe somebody should tell him he's not black...
by aryan April 03, 2005
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